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Who can register .al domains

(This article is old and the information is longer accurate)

The registration of .al domains is only allowed to Albanian citizens

The registration is only allowed to Albanian citizens and Businesses registered in Albania . Within the application a passport number ore tax registration number is required. can provide trusted registration, the domains will be registered under the name of, but we grant all the responsibilities and the privileges on the domain of choice to the customer. By ordering a domain name in our system, the customer agrees with the terms and conditions published on this section.

The only authority that has the status of registrant (Registry & Registrar) for the moment is  Akep Telecommunications Regulatory Entity – Albanian Authority for Domain Registration.

It is expected that the procedure of the registration of the .al domains will change within this year. The registration will be automatic and we intend to become one of the first registrars in the .al zone. Until then, the registration process is completely manual. For each domain request we file an application and the procedure takes 20-30 working days until final registration.

At the moment speaking, has provided support in the registration of more than 50% of all the domains registered in the .al zone. That means that we cover more then 50% of the market share in the .al registrations.

A blog for the .al domains

We have seen an increasing interest on the .al domain from visitors who do not speak the Albanian Language. In order to assist them in understanding the main developements in the .al zone, we are providing this blog.

The blog is related to the company ShqiperiaCom Shpk which provides support in the registration of the .al domains through its website

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