Exciting news for domain hacks, 2 letter .al domains might be available soon!

Needless to say that a great attraction toward .al domains is the “domain-hacks” or the ability to create a word with the .al ending. In the last years we have seen a larg number of similar domain hacks, where the number one are the turkish words, but a lot of attention has been toward english words as well.

Due to continous pressure to the Registry, a proposal to change the regulation in favor of 2 letter domains has been pushed for consultation and in a few days there will be a decision.

This means that there might be a chance to register 2 letter .al domains soon! We will inform our customers as soon as we can to let them benefit from this change.


Some more on .al domain hacks can be found at: http://norm.al/2011/12/30/al-domain-hacks/