.al domain registration distribution among registrars

While there might be speculations on the market share for .al domain, below are some figures* from February 2014.
Total Domains Registrar  Domains Registered Total zone percentage Percentage for Registrary only
5957 45,68  N/A
REG-HOSTAL 4499 34,50 63,51
REG-W* 1384 10,61 19,53
REG-K* 616 4,72 8,69
REG-S* 506 3,88 7,14
REG-ALBTELECOM 78 0,59 1,10
Total number of .al domains
Domains registered by Registrars 7083


As one might notice, the Registry has the most of the registrations while serving as a registry and a registrar (something we hope to change soon so the service to the customers can also improve). Considering that the registry has been active since 1998 and that the Registrar have been granted the status only on July last year, the numbers are to be expected to shift in favor of the Registrars. The role of the registry should be limited to the regulations and other monitoring activity and it is expected that in the future the reStatisticsgistry will resign from registrar operations.

You can find some numbers around in the Registrar’s websites and claims like 60% of marketshare for .al(!?) Well all the registrars together barely cover 55% of the registrarions. And if we would like to calculate the market share without the Registry, than there is only one registrar over 63% (as one might reasonable expect).

It is interesting to notice that AlbTelecom, the National Telecommunication Operator has entered the Domain Registrar Market and has only a limited number of domains. This might have been an internal move to protect some of their domains as well.

Here at Host.al, we are thankful to all our clients who chose us as their registrar. We cover quite a good marketshare thanks to our clients and the reseller companies which work with us.

* Numbers presented are not official. Have been calculated by interviews and statistics on the websites of registrars. There is a margin of 4-5% error.