Bank Transfers

In case you chose to make a payment through a wire transfer, these are the neccessary information to initiate a transfer:

Bank Name: Tirana Bank
Payee Name: ShqiperiaCom Shpk
Account Number:0100-302673
IBAN: AL90 2061 1004 0000 1003 0267 3101 for Euro
IBAN: AL20 2061 1004 0000 1003 0267 3100 for ALL (Leke)


Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank
Account Name: ShqiperiaCom Shpk
Account Number: 0001367691
IBAN: AL 9420 2110 1300 0000 0001 3676 91 for EURO payments

Please make sure that as a sender, you have to pay all the transfer fees. These might be over 30€ in case of international transfers.

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